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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share my pose with you.

About our Team

" dance is an, art paint your dreams and follow it."

Dance like

never before..

 ​KNK Dance Creations was established in 2002 . our dance program is committed to creative dance and performance.  We work hard to introduce and instill self-expression, confidence,discipline, and passion in each of our students.   We are not your average dance studio, as we are called to assist and mentor each of our students  that participate each season. Although DANCE is one of the main focuses of the program, we also want to be the Protégé for each of our students and build great leaders to continue a legacy created by GOD.  Whether a student is dancing for fun or planning to enter the wonderful world of dance on a professional level, we are here to provide guidance along the way.


          Dance is the hidden

language of the soul                                             Martha Graham